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David Gets an Awesome Job!

Recently, UCP’s Supported Employment division (Employment Solutions) helped one of their customers, David, secure a job working at the nearby Thatcher’s Restaurant & Lounge!

David is a good example of a person who was capable of working but who was unsure of what he might do for work. For many years, he used UCP’s community inclusion services. But he was also interested in paid employment.

Ursula Morton (one of UCP’s Employment Specialists) met with David weekly for three months. She engaged him in community work experiences so that she could get to know his skills and abilities, and so that he could learn more about the work world.

After that, Ursula was able to build an appealing resume, highlighting the skills David had acquired at his community-based positions.

And, a mere 10 days later, Ursula was assisting David to sign his hire paperwork at Thatcher’s! Congrats to David and everyone who worked to get him this job.

Find out more about being an Employment Specialist (like Ursula) here.